braces in c

utzoo!decvax!harpo!ihps3!houxi!houxm!5123mec utzoo!decvax!harpo!ihps3!houxi!houxm!5123mec
Mon Oct 25 09:32:07 AEST 1982

   As one who has changed my style for { and } to meet external
standards (so my wife and I could read each other's code), let
me say that it only took about ten days to become comfortable with
the new style.  And having tried to maintain some terribly written
code (no indentation, multiple statements per line,....), I feel
strongly that style standards should be enforced on any project
that will involve more than one programmer over the entire life of
the product.

   But there should be some kind of filter available through which
the source can be passed that will "rearrange" things to meet the
standard.  This will let the diehards write things their own way,
at least initially.  And I'll bet that after a few weeks maintaining
code that conforms to standards, they'll be writing conforming code
as well.


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