TOPS-10/20 C

Chris Hibbert chris at grkermit.UUCP
Fri Aug 5 03:24:32 AEST 1983

I am the one who asked about Tops-20 C compilers several months ago.  
I received several messages.  I haven't posted an update to the list
since we haven't gotten a working compiler yet.  

Several of the letters mentioned a version or two that might be
available from MIT.  There is also a compiler and run-time system
available from the University of Utah.  Several other places have also
been mentioned as possibilities.

We've been working on getting the MIT versions, and at first it
appeared that it wouldn't work out, since they require a UNIX source
license.  Later we discovered that the target institution (Worcester
PI) had one hiding somewhere, and so we're working on that again.  

We received a rather extensive write-up of the Utah system, and I can
forward that to you, or you can ask utah-cs!cruse for distribution
info.  (Include your US Snail address.)

Below are extracts and summarizations of some of the messages I


The address I got for MIT's compiler is grkermit!mit-vax!joy (Joy
Hoppe).  Also, JTW at SPEECH and EBM at XX were mentioned.  (These are both
addresses on MIT's chaos net which can be accessed as e.g.
JTW at SPEECH@MIT-MC or grkermit!mit-vax!JTW at SPEECH.  I don't think they
can be addressed directly (ie. without the @MIT-MC) from the ARPA net.)

>From mit-eddie!genrad!wjh12!wwb 
	To: genrad!mit-eddi!mit-vax!grkermit!chris
	Subject: Compiler for TOPS-10
	I'm not sure how helpful this is, but I know only of a C-compiler
	for the TOPS-10 system.  For info on licensing etc you would have
	to contact: 
		   Dr. Krummy (I'm not sure of the spelling)
		   Dept. of Mathematics
		   Tufts Univ.
		   Medford Mass
	Date: 17 Jun 83 21:24:06 MDT (Fri)
	From: utah-cs!lepreau (Jay Lepreau)
	Subject: Re: Compiler for TOPS-20?
	To: harpo!eagle!mit-vax!grkermit!chris
	We distribute one; send to utah-cs!cruse or cruse at
	for info on how to get it-- include your US mail address.
	It is in use at about 30 organizations.   It costs to commercial
	places, distr. fee only for educational.
	Here's the most recent "current.status" file I've written. [I've
	deleted it.  ask Jay or me for a copy if you want one-- chris]
	-Jay Lepreau, Univ of Utah
	Date: 22 Jun 83 06:01:55 EDT (Wed)
	From: decvax!sii!mem
	Apparently-To[sic!]: genrad!grkermit!chris
	The university of Utah has a C compiler which runs on TOPS20.  The
	address is:
			University of Utah
			Department of Computer Science
			3160 MEB
			Salt Lake City, Utah	84112
	Mark Mallett

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