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Fri Aug 5 12:08:20 AEST 1983

ucbesvax!turner    Aug  4 02:55:00 1983

	As noted in net.unix-wizards, there is a "C with classes",
described in a recent issue of "Software - Practice and Experience".
I only skimmed the article, but was pleased to note such encouraging
things as operator overloading for "++", "--", etc., and some complicity
(in an advisory role) on the part of Steve Johnson.  There have been
some as-yet-unanswered questions about availability--the author claimed
distribution to some 100 sites--none of which were listed--presumably
within the Bell Labs constellation.  It seems unlikely that none of them
are on this network.  Perhaps there will be licensing soon?

	The language extension is implemented as a pass between cpp and
the first pass of pcc.  It seems to be just about everything one would
want from Ada so far, although I'm not sure how exceptions are supported.
(There is an earlier article describing an exception package for C, not
related of this extension.)

	Can someone help out here, either by identifying contacts on the
net, or providing details on the robustness and performance of the system?
It appears that significant applications have been developed with it.  I'm
not a languages expert, so I don't feel qualified to lead the discussion
past this point.  I do think that C needs to be led into the 80's (much as
ratfor and f77 brought FORTRAN into the 70's, to our collective dismay).
This package seemed to incorporate many of the right ideas.

	Michael Turner

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