Parentheses around return.

utzoo!decvax!harpo!floyd!vax135!ariel!orion!lime!houti!hogpc!houxz!houxi!houxa!houxm!mel utzoo!decvax!harpo!floyd!vax135!ariel!orion!lime!houti!hogpc!houxz!houxi!houxa!houxm!mel
Sat Mar 26 10:13:52 AEST 1983

John, you are throwing an ego trip at those of us who don't code in C all day.
Your "inside knowledge" that return is a compiler construct, not a function
call should not be a point of pride, or even used.  What is the syntactic
difference between exit and return, except one must be exit(n) and the other
can be return n?  I put parentheses around EVERYTHING, and advocate that
everybody else should, also.  Why should someone else reading your code,
someone not as "knowledgeable" as yourself, have to look up operator precedence
rules and obscure "features" of the language to understand your program?
Mel Haas  ,  houxm!mel

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