Parentheses around return.

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Mon Mar 28 10:02:43 AEST 1983

(Burners on)
Mel, excess parentheses are one of the leading causes of difficult--to--read
code.  When parentheses are used sparingly, their presence alerts the
reader (read maintanance programmer) to the fact that things are NOT behaving
according to the default rules.  When everything is parenthesized, one must
muck through more detail and hold more detail in memory in order to understand
the function of a program.  And most of the operator precedence of C is well
done -- only the bitwiise operators are out of place.  Is this a legacy of
PL/1 ?

(Burners off)
Regarding the return statement -- I don't much care whether or not parentheses
are used, but I would expect a programmer to know that a return was a part
of the language, and an exit call a part of the support environment.

BTW, I don't use the parens.  'Druther not clutter up the page any more than
it has to be.
						Duke of DeNet
						Mark Terribile

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