Parentheses around return.

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Mon Mar 28 17:09:09 AEST 1983

	My two cents worth :

	Things are "better" in a language if unnecessary inconsistencies
are avoided.  The syntax of "return" should be the same as that of "exit"
because, from the users or programmers point of view, the actions are
similar.  A value is being used in some action that is represented as
a name (return or exit).

	This doesn't come under the heading of "wanting EVERYTHING to have
parentheses around it".  It comes under the heading of "least astonishment".

	Why does "main" have the syntax of a function ?  If you return
from it, you are in trouble.  If you fall off the end of it, you exit instead
of returning.  Where do its arguments appear from ?

	My vote for inconsistency of the year is "static".  In a function,
it means "not automatic".  Outside of a function, it means "private".

					Bill Dietrich

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