i=++i ?= i = ++i

utzoo!decvax!harpo!floyd!cmcl2!philabs!sdcsvax!sdccsu3!ee163cz utzoo!decvax!harpo!floyd!cmcl2!philabs!sdcsvax!sdccsu3!ee163cz
Sat Mar 12 11:28:58 AEST 1983

   The expression "i=++i", if written without spaces, doesn't necessarily
parse as "i= ++i".  The Old Compiler and many of its less legitimate
descendants will try to parse it as "i=+ + i", giving an error, and
possibly (just guessing now) produce "i=+i", or "i=2*i".  The old =+, =-
syntax is STILL around, and occasionally catches me trying to say something
like "i= -1" without the space.  Correction: the compiler doesn't catch
me; the program misbehaves in mysterious ways.

                                         -- Eric J. Wilner
                                       (sometimes F. J. Gumby)

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