PCC compiler question - (nf)

tektronix!zehntel!sytek!menlo70!hao!hplabs!sri-unix!cca!ima!inmet!porges tektronix!zehntel!sytek!menlo70!hao!hplabs!sri-unix!cca!ima!inmet!porges
Sun Mar 20 03:24:18 AEST 1983

inmet!porges    Mar 18 17:48:00 1983

	I don't know if you could really call 

	a && b *= c

	(or whatever) a bug.  The precedence levels are confusing, but all
that's happened is that the compiler found a legal parse.  If the legal parse
implies that the default precedence is not applicable, too bad.  The precedence
levels server to disambiguate the parse, not restrict it.  
	Or am I wrong again?
					-- Don Porges

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