Structure Comparison (ADA vs C vs Concurrent Euclid)

Dave Mason mason at utcsrgv.UUCP
Sat Oct 15 09:22:32 AEST 1983

(It was bound to happen, so I may as well add the third language.)

Concurrent Euclid has most of the advantages of ADA, but instead of
maybe having a reasonable implementation someday, there are ConEuc
compilers for: PDP-11, VAX, 68000, 16000, i432, 6809 at least.  These
produce good code quite fast.  It has very good concurrency (monitors).
It has been used to write a Unix look-alike called TUNIS.

On the other hand, the true C-hacker will never like it (or ADA):
because it is strongly typed, and you can't even use aliasing to make
your code unreadable, and (worse and worse) you can even write provably
correct code (it's still hard of course, but it is possible).

I know what this is going to lead to, so hold on while I dig my asbestos
suit out of the closet....OK...ready...
 -- Dave Mason, U. Toronto CSRG,
     or {decvax,linus,research}!utzoo!utcsrgv!mason   (UUCP)

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