Breaking out of labeled statements - (nf)

Guy Harris guy at rlgvax.UUCP
Thu Sep 1 10:07:30 AEST 1983

"goto"s can be used for treating several cases as subcases of one common
case (i.e., do the case-specific thing and then the common actions), generally
without too tangled code.  Furthermore, if it *does* tangle things, or you don't
want to use "goto"s, many versions of the C "final" optimizer will do the right
thing if you write something like

	case (foo) {

	case 1:
		/* 1-specific things */
		/* common code */

	case 2:
		/* 2-specific things */
		/* common code */


and join the common code and stick a jump/branch instruction into the cases.
(Versions known to: PDP-11, VAX-11, Zilog "Zeus", CCI - and probably most
other - 68000).

	Guy Harris

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