Breaking out of labeled statements - (nf)

alan at allegra.UUCP alan at allegra.UUCP
Thu Sep 1 00:13:24 AEST 1983

	Another thing that would be very useful in case statements
	would be a 'recase'  verb, which would restart the enclosing
	switch (i guess in C it would be 'reswitch'). It is often useful
	to be able to recognize some cases as only minor variants of
	others, and process them by using a prologue for one variant
	followed by the existing case treatment shared between them.
	A reswitch verb would make this trivial.

In certain cases, C allows you to do exactly what you're asking for.

	switch (a) {

	  case ONE_THING:
		/* code for ONE_THING */

		/* prologue, then fall through... */

		/* common code for A_SECOND_THING and variation */


Of course, there can't be two variations, each with its own prologue,
of one case, so this is of limited use.

	Alan Driscoll
	Bell Labs, Murray Hill

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