Describe C in 75 words or less

Mike Braca mjb at brunix.UUCP
Thu Sep 22 04:58:38 AEST 1983

Just thought you all might like to see a capsule description of C as it
appeared in a syndicated column called "The Business Computer" by Franklynn
Peterson and Judi K-Turkel [sic] on Sept 20. The description is reproduced
below in its entirety, and, of course, without permission.

	"C. It is a popular programming language both because its programs
	are compact and generally faster than compiled BASIC or Pascal.
	And, because so many early IBM PC programs were in C, other
	programmers got on the C bandwagon. The people who created C
	believe it resembles plain English, but we'd like to meet their
	English teachers. Some program lines read left to right, others
	right to left."

Mike Braca, Brown CS, {decvax,ihnp4,allegra}!brunix!mjb, mjb.Brown at UDel-Relay

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