Declaring argument types

Mark A. Swanson marks at grkermit.UUCP
Wed Sep 14 23:36:16 AEST 1983

One of the C compilers we use for PDP-11 work supports the suggested
alternate function format, e.g.
 int printf(char *msg, int arg1, arg2, arg3)

It also allows function declerations to cooerce arguments: e.g.
  extern int ftn(float a,b);

   int k, l;


will automatically cast k & l appropriately.  However, we have gone
through and removed all such usages, since no other C compiler has them,
they cause LINT to barf, etc.
   The compiler in question is a much modified version of the one
Bill Plauger did for Yourdon before he started Whitesmiths, Inc and
is not available.
    Having used both formats, I do think the revisions are an improvement,
producing more readable code and fewer mismatched argument bugs.  But they're
not valuable enough to justify an incompatible compiler, alas.

  Mark Swanson

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