Wanted: High-quality 68000 C compiler

leichterj at rani.DEC leichterj at rani.DEC
Thu Aug 16 01:19:09 AEST 1984

I am interested in information about high-quality C compilers for the MC68000.
I need a production-quality compiler that produces good code - the more it op-
timizes, the better.  The compiler:

	- Must be available today or within the next 3 months.  (Given the
		need for "production quality", if it's not available today it
		would have to be in late field test.  People with great slide
		shows and no working code need not apply.)

	- Must produce code that can run stand-alone and is ROM-able (perhaps
		with some manipulation of the code or the compiler output).

	- Should preferably run as a cross-compiler on a VAX running VMS, but
		other arrangements can be made if necessary.

Good debugging support would, of course, be a plus, but we can live without

We are willing to pay what's necessary for such a tool if we can find it.

As a point of information, we currently use the Whitesmith cross-compiler.
The code it produces is so bad that we've felt confident in promising to find
a compiler that will do 20% better (code size reduction).  I think even more
is possible.

Any information would be appreciated.

Please do not reply to the net.  Reply to one of the addresses given below; I
will sumarize the responses and post them to net.micro and net.lang.c in about
two weeks.
							-- Jerry

			decvax!decwrl!rhea!rani!leichterj	(UUCP)
			leichterj%rani.dec at decwrl.arpa		(Internet)

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