Introductory C Textbook

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The C Puzzle Book, by Ale.R. Feuer (Prentice-Hall, 1982)
ISBN 0-13-109934-5 (hardbound)
ISBN 0-13-109926-4 (paperback)

Abridged Table of Contents:

	Basic Types
	Included Files
	Control Flow
	Programming Style
	Storage Classes
	Pointers and Arrays
	Precedence Table
	Operator Summary Table
	ASCII Table
	Type Hierarchy Chart

>From the Preface:

... a workbook intended to be used with a C language textbook ...
The programs are sprinkled with print statements.  The primary task
is to discover what each program prints. ... The larger portion of
the book is devoted to step-by-step derivations of the puzzle
solutions.  Many of the derivations are accompanied by tips and
caveats for programming in C. ...


This book is not a self-contained C tutorial; it must be
augmented by a good C text such as Kernighan & Ritchie.

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