length of external names

C. J. Sampson jeff at alberta.UUCP
Mon Dec 31 12:38:19 AEST 1984

> >  and object file format don't accept long or case-sensitive names.  What
> >  does the proposed ANSI standard say about the issue?
> The current draft says that the length limit (if any) and treatment
> of case in external identifiers are "implementation-defined", which
> means that implementors can do things as they wish but must document
> their decisions.  Also, the length limit may not be shorter than 6.

Gads!  When are they going to figure out that 6 or 8 characters is *not*
enough.  I spent three hours porting ogre to an Altos 586 running some
ancient verson of Xenix and most of that was spent changing function
names because I had only 7 signifcant characters.  I think that the standard
should enforce a minimum of 32 characters.  We will make programs more
portable and readable.
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