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Tim Maroney tim at cmu-cs-k.ARPA
Mon Dec 17 07:09:32 AEST 1984

All this talk about C++ and abstract data types in C leads me to think there
may be some interest in the IDL-C package I wrote at UNC last Spring.  It is
an abstract data type facility for C, using the Interface Definition
Language developed here at C-MU.  IDL is the basis of all Tartan Labs
compilers; it is way of specifying abstract data types so that programs
written in different languages can communicate with each other.  I didn't
finish all the translator phases, but they should have done so since I left
the place.  Since it was developed on a machine that had only an educational
license, they have to send you a copy if you ask.  If you are interested,
write to mcnc!unc!snodgrass.
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