C++ info

Kee Hinckley nazgul at apollo.uucp
Sat Dec 15 04:46:10 AEST 1984

I have seen one article on C++ and it makes reference to yet another.
I don't have it online, and it's fifty pages long so I'm not really
up to sending photo copies around.  But here is its title for anyone
who wants to track it down.

    The C++ Programming Language - Reference Manual
                  Bjarne Stoustrup
                  January 1, 1984
                AT&T Bell Laboratories
            Murray Hill, New Jersey 07974
      Computing Science Technical Report No. 108

And it makes reference to:

    Bjarne Stroustrup: "Data Abstraction in C", AT&T Bell Laboratories,
    CSTR-109 (which I assume is "Computing Science...")



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