Numerical C and C++

Alan S. Driscoll alan at allegra.UUCP
Sat Jun 2 10:00:19 AEST 1984

>From Bruce Ellis:

> You look a little foolish yourself, Guy.

Not really.  If the TR was inaccurate, then it was the author's
fault, no Guy's.

> First you believed what you read in the papers then you got real
> mad when someone pointed out your error.

But you didn't correct one single bit of misinformation, you just
made a pointless, personal attack.

> Re-flames by mail please.  Some people may not like your next
> obscenity.

Actually, I really enjoyed it when Guy told you to "piss off."
Why don't you?  Guy has contributed a *hell* of a lot more to
this net than you, fellow.

	Alan S. Driscoll
	AT&T Bell Laboratories

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