Numerical C and C++

Wayne Christopher faustus at ucbvax.UUCP
Sun Jun 3 02:39:11 AEST 1984

> I know the paper, I know the author.  He calls them C and old-C
> respectively.  No-one else in 1127 does.  You look a little foolish
> yourself, Guy.  First you believed what you read in the papers
> then you got real mad when someone pointed out your error.
> Re-flames by mail please.  Some people may not like your next obscenity.

So you people are so disorganized that you can't even agree upon
what you call your languages, and on top of that consider it a
terrible insult when somebody else believes what one of you says
the rest call it?  Furthermore, I don't think that
"pointed out your error" is the best way to describe your
article.  Move over Rich Rosen...


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