Object-Oriented Programming In C

Clay Phipps phipps at fortune.UUCP
Tue May 15 09:37:01 AEST 1984

References to Dr. Cox & Co.'s work:

    Brad J. Cox: "Object-Oriented Programming In C",
    *UNIX Review*, Oct./Nov. 1983, p. 67 .. 70 (?).
    Dr. Brad J. Cox: "The Object-Oriented Pre-Compiler",
    *SIGPLAN Notices*, vol. 18, num. 1, Jan. 1983, p. 15 .. 22.
    Brad J. Cox: "Message/Object Programming: An Evolutionary Change
    in Programming Technology", *IEEE Software*, Jan. 1984, p. 50 .. 61.

    Brad J. Cox: "Object-Oriented Programming In C Language",
    *UNIFORUM Conf. Proceedings*, Jan. 1984
    [this last one is an assumed reference, because I have only
     the abstract submitted to the conference referees (?)]

As of a few months ago, PPI (the Objective C people) were not on the net,
but could be contacted as follows:

    Productivity Products, Inc.
    37 High Rock Road
    Sandy Hook, CT 06482

-- Clay Phipps

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