Object-oriented programming in C

greg at sdcsvax.UUCP greg at sdcsvax.UUCP
Mon May 7 09:47:59 AEST 1984

Brad J. Cox presented a paper at the Toronto USENIX Conference in
July of 1982 on an object-oriented pre-compiler to permit Smalltalk-
like programming in C.  He presented another paper at the DC USENIX
conference in January of 1983, which I (unfortunately) missed.
  (1) Is this work published anywhere else?  We don't have a copy of
      either conference proceedings.
  (2) Is this a commercial product?  Is it available?
  (3) Is Brad J. Cox on the net?  If not, is his company, Productivity
      Products, Inc., on the net?  Failing that, where in the world is
      Productivity Products, Inc., located?
-- Greg Noel, NCR Torrey Pines       Greg at sdcsvax.UUCP or Greg at nosc.ARPA

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