Aztec C and Rana Elite I disk drives and ORCA/M

Al Gudaitis al at genrad.UUCP
Wed May 23 02:52:56 AEST 1984

In reference to the Aztec C part of your message:

Aztec's linker (unless they fixed it) has a very annoying bug.  It does not
know when it has run out of disk space.  (Or at least it doesn't say anything
about it.)  So, it is very possible to get an incomplete compilation.  I've
had perfectly good programs start up and then seem to die simply because some
piece of code that was called did not really exist due to a bad link.  Maybe
that is your problem.  Remember that several large, intermediate files are
created during the entire process.  Try using a different disk drive for some
of your temporary files.

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