Aztec C and Rana Elite I disk drives and ORCA/M

nazgul at apollo.UUCP nazgul at apollo.UUCP
Sat May 19 07:04:43 AEST 1984

    I've been having trouble recently with my C compiler.  If I can persuade
the linker to work properly the code generated often will just run and
then stop.  Without ever having printed anything out.  I'm running
Aztec C65 1.05i, although I'm probably going to order an update soon.
Has anyone else had this problem?  Does anyone know if it is related to
the following question?

    I have a Rana Elite I disk drive (along with a generic half-height
drive).  Rana provides software to take advantage of the fact that their
drive runs considerably faster than most others (my disk speed program
rates it at 43 on a scale of -100 to 100, where -5 to 5 is "acceptable").
Since several of the programs I use very often (Aztec C and the ORCA/M
assembler) use their own modified versions of DOS, I have been wondering
whether I should adjust the speed of the Rana to make it compatable with
my other drive.  Any ideas?  If that seems acceptable, then where is the
adjustment!?  I took the drive apart, the strobe lines were all there and
everything, but I could find no sign of any adjustment screw.  Anyone?

    Is anyone out there using the ORCA/M assembler?  I have it and am
enjoying it, but I understand that there are quite a few bugs hidden
around.  The only ones I have found are trivial (except for the one that
keeps reseting my CPS card to midnight, 2148 AD).  Comments?

          F                                     -kee

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