C language hacking

Alan Lehotsky alan at apollo.uucp
Thu Nov 15 01:00:19 AEST 1984

Regarding the suggestion of being able to get SIN and COS or (DIV and REM) at
the same time - all you need is a good compiler!  

    I believe that the VAX/VMS FORTRAN compiler looks for computations of SIN(X)
and COS(X) and calls a special entrypoint into the run-time-library which returns
BOTH values at once.  Similarly, I designed (but never implemented) a modification
to the BLISS compiler which would have done the same thing for DIV and REM - I don't
know if this was actually finished after I left DEC.

    By the way, I'm unaware of the existance of any "good" C compilers.  [ A "good C
    compiler"  is definitely an oxymoron!]

<< Put down that flamethrower!!>>
Al Lehotsky

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