How to let lint check your format strings

David Herron, NPR Lover david at ukma.UUCP
Sun Apr 7 05:35:54 AEST 1985

Something that may not have been turn it back off
when the code is de-linted, have another .h file like this:

#define procent_a(a)	a
#define procent_b(a)	a

And so forth.  I'm planning on doing something of this sort with
C++ when our copy arrives.  Specifically, it ought to be possible
to have a C++ .h file which will do array bounds checking for you.
And have a different .h file which won't.  Both would have the
same syntax for doing everything, and the syntax should be
the same as for in C also.

Use both the same way.  Enable the strict mode for testing then loosen
it up for production code so you don't have any overhead.
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