Program speed

Joe Durnavich jjd at wlcrjs.UUCP
Sat Apr 6 14:57:53 AEST 1985

In article <5399 at utzoo.UUCP> henry at utzoo.UUCP (Henry Spencer) writes:

>> ...After all, what does it gain a man
>> to save a millisecond of his computer's time if he loses an hour
>> of his own time thereby?
>Sometimes it saves his successor from spending many hours figuring out
>how to get that millisecond out.  Yes, Virginia, some programs do have
>to run fast, and few are the worse for a speed improvement.

Careful Henry!  Take a look at some interpreted BASIC programs.
You know, the ones with 18 statements on one line for "speed improvement"
purposes.  Sure they run fast, but what a bear to read and maintain.
Speed is not always everything.

                                       Joe Durnavich

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