Pascal question

Craig Hansen hansen at mips.UUCP
Thu Apr 25 08:26:49 AEST 1985

> The point all us "real" programmers are trying to make is ,
> don't go flamming off at the mouth at a really decent language (Pascal)
> is you don't know what you are talking about.
> Pascal gives you a choice of either "call-by-name" or "call-by-value".
> C forces you to use "call-by-value". Many C programmers try to simulate
> call by name using pointers in the argument list.

Pascal gives you the choices of
	1) Call by value
	2) Call by reference

C lets you "use"
	1) Call by value
	2) Call by reference (using "&" constructs and pointers)
	3) Call by name (using macros as function definitions)

Call by name and call by reference are two very different things!

Craig Hansen
MIPS Computer Systems

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