need recommendation on IBM PC version of \"make\"

Joseph S. D. Yao jsdy at hadron.UUCP
Sat Dec 28 04:42:11 AEST 1985

In article <1037 at bnl44.UUCP> davison at bnl44.UUCP (Dan Davison) writes:
>Can anyone recommend an IBM PC (AT, actually) version of the unix make?
>Have Dr. Dobbs or Computer Language covered this recently?

Not a recommendation, as I have not tried them, but C.L. v3n1 p.50
has an advertisement for a "Phoenix" Pre-C and Pmaker that are s'posed
to correspond to 'lint' and 'make'.  Costs:  $395 and $195.  (Maybe
less from places like the C Programmers' Workshop et al.)
Telno: (800)344-7200; in Massachusetts, (617)762-5030.  Phoenix
Computer Products Corp., 320 Norwood Park S., Norwood MA  02062.

Ah-ha!  The PC Programmers' Connection has Pre-C (lint) for $289:
(800) 336-1166.  Amazing what turning a few pages will do.  And
Pmaker for $139 ... and a whole raft of these packages together
for $895, calling it Pfantasy (6 packages all told).

Reading on through, in the interest of fairness, Gimpel SW (p.84) has
a PC-Lint, $139, (215) 584-4261, 3207 Hogarth Lane, Collegeville PA
19426.  $106 at the PC P C.  Lattice has LMK, $195 ($149 PCPC).
Polytron has PolyMake, $99 ($79 PCPC).  (also PVCS ~= SCCS, $395/$359.)
P. 85, Seidl Comp. Eng. has SMK, $99.95+$3.50p&h.  (312) 983-5477.
1163 E. Ogden Ave., Suite 705-171, Napierville IL  60540.
Softfocus (p. 104): make, $59; package of 3 utilities $149.  I assume
$US.  (416)825-0903; 1343 Stanbury Drive, Oakville, Ontario, Canada,
L6L 2J5.

Wizard C (p. 99) claims "full Lint checking"; but I assume you're not
in the market for a full compiler system.

I should also be fair and say that these are in fact all just ads;
except that PCPC seems to have some impressive guarantees.  And in
fairness, The Programmers' Shop (p. 97, (800) 421-8006) has many of
the same things, but for about $10 more.  But I know they will talk
to you and have newsletters and stuff, which drive up overhead.  If
it matters, PCPC is in Ohio ((216) 877-3781; Canada (800)225-1166;
? AM - 8 PM E?T) and TPC is in Massachusetts ((800)442-8070 or (617)
826-7531; BBS (617)826-4086 7AM-7PM E?T).  TPC will compare and
evaluate, they say.

Well, that's more than you wanted.  3 lint's, 5 make's, and no
reviews or recommendations.  Maybe if Computer Language or the C
Journal (I see you, Dave!) reads this, they'll ask you or me to
test them all and do a review for them.  Maybe.

Please note that this is not an advertisement or recommendation for
all or any of the above products, and non-inclusion in the above list
means absolutely nothing except that I didn't notice your ad while
browsing through one issue of one journal wherein i happened to
notice a profusion of programs pandering to this person's plight.

	Joe Yao		hadron!jsdy at seismo.{CSS.GOV,ARPA,UUCP}

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