c compiler overview

LocklearLB lbl at druhi.UUCP
Sat Dec 28 03:30:56 AEST 1985

I am interested in pointers to articles that summarize the relative merits
of various Unix C compilers.  I would also appreciate any information on 
experiences that people have had with these compilers.

I am interested in things like: speed of compilation process, 
compactness of the generated code, speed of generated code, and versatility 
of the compiler and associated linking tools.  If you are relating your
experiences with a particular compiler, I would like to know how well the
compiler met your needs, and what improvements would be helpful to you.

Please send mail, I will summarize the results to the net if anyone is 

Thanks in advance,

Barry Locklear
AT&T Information Systems Labs
Denver, CO 

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