Windows ( Really porting between Mac, Amiga, and ST

Richard Miner miner at ulowell.UUCP
Sun Dec 15 22:01:51 AEST 1985

  There are window standards being worked on by ANSI! At the last X3H3
  meeting there was a small subgroup that spun of to start 
  specification of this standard. On of my Prof's here at U Lowell is
  on this committe. I will try and get a brain-dump from him, and post
  the status of this standard to the net.

  I must agree with previous note, GKS and CGI are NOT window standards,
  nor do they specifiy how to interface withh windows. CGI might be a 
  nice base for a window system/standard but GKS ugg to big, with to
  many layers (in most cases) to add Wind managment on top of. I speak
  after a summer of so a GKS implementation on top of a (pseudo)CGI.

					Rich Miner

   * From Ulowell - (soon to be) Home of a cheap GKS w/source.

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