Windows and standards.

jack at boring.UUCP jack at boring.UUCP
Sun Dec 8 11:24:30 AEST 1985

I'm afraid it's just a little early for standardising I/O
for bitmap displays.

Every new workstation coming out has a few more neat ideas
that previous designers didn't think of (and, on the other
hand, ommitted a few things that others *did* think of).

Now, what should we choose as a standard?
The highest-level one thinkable? That will probably see us revising
the standard every year or so, as people come up with new neat ideas.
A low-level one? So that I can't use all that truly great stuff
that my machine implements?

Please note that I *love* standards (well, reasonable ones...),
I only think we'll have to struggle on a few more years, so that
we'll be able to come up with a nice and versatile standard, in
stead of being tied down to an outdated standard for umpty years.
Remember COBOL? FTN? X-25?
	Jack Jansen, jack at mcvax.UUCP
	The shell is my oyster.

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