C Indentation Survey Results (long...)

jack at boring.UUCP jack at boring.UUCP
Sat May 11 02:38:04 AEST 1985

Ok, I've had about enough of this. Let me here state
Jansens Theorem: Layout style is like a signature.

By this, I mean that your style of indentation, etc. is always
completely different from someone else's, and, moreover,
tends to show minor variations between your own programs.

I think religious debates about where the { should go, or whether
you should indent 3,4 or 8 spaces are not productive at all, since
everyone is sure to stick to his own style.

Also, If I have to read some software written in someone elses
signature, I need about 5 minutes to figure out his style,
and by that time I've gotten used to it. I even pick it up (for a short
while) if I have to make some minor modifications. Big changes go
in my own style, though.

I think that *any* style, if reasonable and used more-or-less
consequently, is just as readable as any other.
	Jack Jansen, jack at mcvax.UUCP
	The shell is my oyster.

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