C Indentation Survey Results (long...)

J. Shapiro jss at sjuvax.UUCP
Sun May 12 16:44:07 AEST 1985

> > And (as long as we are sharpening axes here) if you were programming in
> > PASCAL you could put the sucker in a WITH DEVICE clause and get rid of all
> > those "device->" references.  AND, it would be more efficient since the 
> > reference would only be evaluated once, at the WITH clause (clearly compiler
> > optimization in C compilers would have a bearing on this).
> > -- 
> > Ben Cranston  ...{seismo!umcp-cs,ihnp4!rlgvax}!cvl!umd5!zben  zben at umd2.ARPA

I have yet to neet a pascal compiler which correctly handled

	with device do
		foo := foo;

where device.foo foo is a fieldname of device and foo is also a local
variable name.  With mnemonic names this happens fairly often. I therefore
NEVER use this, as I can never be sure it is doing what I want...

Jon Shapiro
Haverford College

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