COTTRELL, JAMES cottrell at nbs-vms.ARPA
Tue Oct 1 10:12:25 AEST 1985

> Actually, if you saw Henry's Office you'd understand. Henry works
> in a spacious, grandiose Office with plush mauve carpeting, floor-to-ceiling
> windows overlooking downtown Toronto from the top floor of the
> University's tallest building.  Expensive art hangs on the walls,
> he has a gigantic curved solid oak desk delicately decorated with
> pseudo-high-tech paperweights and the like, and when in the Office
> (and in the presence of its Occupant), a hush comes over one.

*Thats's* a *University* office? :-) The tuition must be outta sight!
> (Oh yes, I forgot. To get to the Office you have to go through
> the machine room...)

>From the rediculous to the sublime!

	jim		cottrell at nbs

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