Use of the term "brain damaged"

Chris Gray cg at myrias.UUCP
Tue Oct 1 06:24:07 AEST 1985

I thought long and hard about whether to use 'reply' or 'followup'.
Unfortunately for the net, followup won.

"Flames in reply are not solicited, welcome or accepted."


Who the $*!# do you think you are?? Everyone who submits anything to the
net can be flamed. That's what an open forum is all about.

The term "brain damaged" is a colorful, highly descriptive term which,
in my opinion, was used quite appropriately to describe certain processor
architectures. The fact that a certain group of people use the term for
another purpose does not give them a copyright on it (not even if they
were the first ones to use it). In any group of more than one individual
there will be varying opinions on nearly every topic. You should not attempt
to apply your morals/scruples/feelings/philosophies to other people.

I believe that mentally incapacitated individuals should be put into a meat
grinder and sold as dog food.

(That ought to raise some steam under your collar, just like you have
raised some under mine.)


This topic is totally inappropriate for net.lang.c, and I apologize for
posting here. Any further flames/comments should be either sent to their
respective targets, or posted to a more appropriate group.

			Chris Gray    ...!alberta!myrias!cg

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