Language Extensions

Tue Oct 8 09:23:37 AEST 1985

> > I'm not entirely sure I agree with you about adding construx to the
> > language tho. I once saw this thruout a bunch of sources:
> > 
> I'm quite sure I disagree with the constructs you appear to be adding to
> the language --- the English language. 
> #ifdef cottrell
>    #define construx constructs
>    #define tho      though
>    #define thruout  throughout
> #endif
> Ed Nather
> Astronomy Dept, U of Texas @ Austin
> {allegra,ihnp4}!{noao,ut-sally}!utastro!nather
> nather at astro.UTEXAS.EDU

Very good Ed! I hope you don't live on a `No Thru Street' :-)
I just like the letter x. Any objexions? Fair Enuf?

	jim		cottrell at nbs

P.S. How many ways can you pronounce `ough'?
Thought, though, through, bough, enough, any more?

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