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John G Dobnick jgd at uwmcsd1.UUCP
Sun Oct 13 13:35:32 AEST 1985

[Just who was that masked line-eater, anyway?]

> /* Written  6:23 pm  Oct  7, 1985 by cottrell at NBS-VMS.ARPA in uiucdcsb:net.lang.c */
> P.S. How many ways can you pronounce `ough'?
> Thought, though, through, bough, enough, any more?
> /* End of text from uiucdcsb:net.lang.c */
> Cough, cough! 

I fought through this once before.  It is a really tough task to
thoroughly answer this question.

I read somewhere that there were about 25 distinct pronunciations of 
this particular letter sequence.  (Warning: I am depending upon a VERY
old memory here; the actual number may be somewhat less.)

John G Dobnick
Computing Services Division @ University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

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