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In article <783 at aicchi.UUCP> ignatz at aicchi.UUCP (Ihnat) writes:
>Also keep in mind
>that an outfit in, I believe, Canada, is offering quite a suite of Unix
>tools for MS-DOS for only about $50 US.
	That's "MKS Toolkit" by Mortice Kern Systems
				53 Bridgeport Road East
				Waterloo, Ontario
				Canada NJ2 2J4
				519 884 2251
	Highly recommended!  Comes with awk, cpio, cut, paste, cp, tail,
	strings and most of the applicable tools that would work on msdos.
	awk, find, and cpio are specially nice for transfering directory
	hierarchies from one hard disk to another.

	I think I paid about $140 for it and received it about 4 days after
	placing my order.
	(release 1.4)

.. that's the biz, sweetheart...
Randy Suess
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