RTFM vs RTFSC (Read The Friggin' Source Code)

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Sat Aug 9 20:22:04 AEST 1986

In article <2402 at phri.UUCP>, roy at phri.UUCP (Roy Smith) writes:
> In article <5530 at sun.uucp> guy at sun.UUCP writes:
> [Regarding the 4.3 *and* Sys5 getopt(3) man pages being wrong]
>> Read the code, not the manual page!
> [this is why we demand source with a system] (when we recently had to
> decide between Sun and Sequent, Sequent lost largely because they
> wouldn't release source for a reasonable price).

Does Sun?

We are a university.  We bought source from Sun.  We were given the
impression that the tapes contained full source (it was a "university
package" or some such).  Second time I look at it, it's to fix a bug in
the pixrect library.  There's no source to the pixrect library!  Turns
out there's no source to dbx, cc, or pc as well.  It seems this is
barely a skeleton system!  They want to gouge us some $K ($1K-$10K, I
forget) for 7 "packages" (pixrect, cc, etc).  Suddenly a MicroVAX with
4.[23] looks much more attractive....

What I consider slimy is that we were given the impression (I don't
know whether we were told outright) that the first tape was full
source.  I just hope we *were* told so, in writing....

By the way, the bug in the pixrect library is that depth=1 pixrects
ignore the "reverse video" flag on a pr_put()....anybody got a fix?
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