Wanted: Linear programming package

Mosur K. Mohan mohan at crys.WISC.EDU
Wed Oct 29 02:08:25 AEST 1986

I need the source for a linear programming package in C, Modula or
Pascal that allows upper or lower bounds to be placed on single variables,
and also allows the user to have access to the simplex tableau.  Please
send me e-mail if you have such a package available.

-- Mohan.
	ARPA, CSNET:	mohan at wisconsin
	UUCP:	...!{allegra,ihnp4,seismo,ucbvax}!uwvax!mohan

ARPA:	bricker at wisconsin
UUCP:	...!{allegra,ihnp4,seismo,sfwin,ucbvax,uwm-evax}!uwvax!bricker
PHONE:	608-262-7950

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