How can this be broken ?!!?

Chris Sylvain don at umd5
Thu Oct 16 05:01:10 AEST 1986

This worked with Ultrix 1.2:
	while( fputc( fgetc(fd), fe) != EOF );
But is broken with 4.3BSD [!!] on the same microVAX ...
The char M-^? is written endlessly to the "fe" file.
M-^? means 8th bit set, lower 7 bits == ^? ...
<stdio.h> says: #define EOF (-1)
fputc and fgetc are int functions, and fgetc is supposed to return EOF
at the end of the file. I fixed my code by using feof(fd) ...
Am I right by saying the above code fragment by rights should still work ?

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