calculating leap years

Ron Natalie <ron> ron at brl-sem.ARPA
Wed Oct 22 08:23:20 AEST 1986

In article <1603 at mtx5a.UUCP>, mat at mtx5a.UUCP (m.terribile) writes:
 > >   You are missing the point: I wrote that doing the simple check for
 > > divisibility by four is sufficient for most programs.  
 > Three is mounting concern in the commercial (read COBOL) world right now
 > because old code with old date handling is begining to break.  Nobody
 > expected the old code to be running for 20+ years; nobody expected that
 > people would take old code segments that they couldn't make sense of and
 > re-use them blindly, but people did because managers said ``use what's
 > already working.  Evolve, rather than destroy''
Well you still have 114 years before things break.  Perhaps people will
stop using COBOL by then.

Note that most peoples internal time formats fall apart before then.
UNIX is only good until around 2047.


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