Promotion of integral types

Don Steiny steiny at scc.UUCP
Sun Sep 28 04:09:15 AEST 1986

In article <271 at myrias.UUCP>, cmt at myrias.UUCP (Chris Thomson) writes:
> It is interesting to note that K&R does not say that unsigned char or
> unsigned short get promoted to unsigned int; it says that they get promoted
> to integer (on page 183), which is a bit vague.  

	Well, actually they do not mention unsigned char being as there
was no such thing in Version VI or even many Version VII systems.  In
fact the system I am using right now, an Interdata 8/32 with Wollongong
Edition VII does not have either unsigned char or unsigned long.

	What they say is that chars might sign extend and might not depending
on the machine, which is even more confusing.

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