Help with BDSC float

karl at haddock karl at haddock
Fri Sep 19 09:33:00 AEST 1986

mit-eddie!moore (Andrew Moore) writes:
>My BDS C compiler doesn't want to accept  %6.3f  (example) in printf's.
>Nor does it accept "float" as a data type declaration.  On some compilers,
>I don't have to declare a variable as "float" before using it:
>    printf("Float: %6.3f", (5.0/4.0));

I don't understand your last sentence.  Declare what variable?  I presume
you mean that on some compilers, you can write floating-point expressions
without the keyword "float".

>...but in BDS, this is not accepted.  How is "float" different in BDS C?

The most likely answer is simply that you have a compiler that doesn't
support floating point.  (I presume "double" doesn't work either?)  Talk to
your vendor.

Karl W. Z. Heuer (ima!haddock!karl or karl at, The Walking Lint

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