Equality vs Assignment

Eliel at smoke.UUCP Eliel at smoke.UUCP
Wed Sep 24 14:39:31 AEST 1986

This is a good question, although I think that for CMS/SP users, using yacc
or lex may be a bit overboard when XEDIT provides the "all" command that
would let one easily scan for that kind of error.  I suppose that a macro
to do this before compiling would be easy to write.  As I don't have time
right now, let me outline what I mean:
    in CW EXEC :
         "XEDIT "fn ft/* h or c */" (PROFILE chk_equ"
          if rc ^= 0 then exit /* flag indicating desire to continue or no*/
          else CW ....
    chk_equ XEDIT would have something like this :
         "all /for/ && /=/ "
            some search code...
         "all /while/ && /=/ "
            some more..., etc, etc.
Let me know if any one has the time to do it so that I can get a copy!

also, if any one knows of versions of yacc and/or lex for the CMS/SP environ-
ment, please let me know as well!
   have a day,

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