C compilers for 8 bit machines

Christopher Browne cbbrowne at watnot.UUCP
Fri Sep 5 01:46:36 AEST 1986

In article <2503 at cbosgd.UUCP> mark at cbosgd.UUCP (Mark Horton) writes:
>I would appreciate any references to C compilers for popular 8 bit
>machines, such as the Apple II, Commodore 64, Atari 800, and CP/M machines.
>I'd prefer products, but public domain offerings are OK too, especially
>if a source can be given.
>	Mark Horton
>	cbosgd!mark

For the Atari 8 bit series, there are two C compilers worthy of note:

	1)  C/65: formerly sold by OSS (I can obtain the address, if it is
	desired).  This is an assembling compiler, that is, it produces 6502
    assembly language which must be assembled using their assembler.  It
	is no longer available from them, but is available from some dealers
	who have had it in stock for several years.  I cannot comment further,
	since I have not used it.

	2) Deep Blue C (the package I would recommend) is an extensively 
	modified version of Ron Cain's Small C compiler.  It is available from
	Antic Magazine (see your local newsstand for a catalog) and there is a
	floating point library available.  Information on the original C
	compiler on which this one is based can be obtained from Dr. Dobbs 
	Journal.  This is a fairly decent compiler, with calls for i/o routines,
	the 'standard' C stuff (slightly modified so as to be appropriate for the
	Atari operating system), and calls for graphics routines which are better
	than the commands provided in Atari Basic.  I'm not sure how much support
	this product has, but it has been available for a LONG time, so the bugs
	should be worked out of it.

Hope this is an aid to you.

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