need help with a delcaration

karl at haddock karl at haddock
Wed Sep 10 04:00:00 AEST 1986

BJORNDAS%CLARGRA at WISCVM.WISC.EDU (Sterling Bjorndahl) writes:
>char ch;  /* Or should this be "int ch;" because it gets promoted? */
>On my micro it MUST be declared an int; I think this is screwy...

This relates to what I just said in another topic.  Discounting function
prototyping (ANSI proposed), actual arguments of type char, short, float,
and array are converted; therefore one should never declare formal arguments
of these types.  However, you are right -- the C language is supposed to
silently fix it for you by interpreting your "char" declaration as an "int".
Your compiler is broken.

Karl W. Z. Heuer (ima!haddock!karl; karl at, The Walking Lint

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