Cyrus Foughty cy at killer.UUCP
Fri Sep 12 09:35:38 AEST 1986

Well, I'm ready to have lots of head-aches and late nights. Yes, I
want to port "C" to a machine, whose name does not flow freely from
everyone's lips. Why? You may ask! Because, it is there and real 
cheap for me to maintain and play with on a regular basis, besides
everyone should port some language in there lifetime. Although it
could take a lifetime. My approach is to take small-c and do it first,
and then start from scratch on a full K&R. My first try should not be
to do a full K&R because of the complexity. This port shall be my
first time on any language porting and I have heard there is a good book
on porting small-c to other machines. If anyone knows of the book please
tell me where to get it!!!! Any other advice is duly appreciated. Please
e-mail responses to me at my uucp address listed or call voice number.

obfuscate thanks,


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R.R.F.C.B.D. (Rock & Roll, Fast Computers, Big Disks)

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