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Stan Swiniarski swin at apollo.uucp
Thu Sep 25 06:57:39 AEST 1986

In article <7468 at sun.uucp> guy at sun.UUCP writes:
>> COFF (Common Object File Format) was documented in Chapter 9 of the
>> Transition Aids manual that was published at the time of introduction
>> of System V.  Is it described in the current System V documentation?
>> Where?
>> So far, eight people at AT&T Customer Service, Bell Laboratories, and
>> 800/828-UNIX have not been able to help me find it.
>Well, if eight people working for various arms of AT&T can't find it, it
>seems like it's time for a shakeup.  I found it with no trouble; at least
>for S5R2 on the VAX and the iAPX286, it's in the "UNIX(TM) System V -
>Release 2.0 Support Tools Guide", April 1984, 307-108, Issue 2, under the
>heading of (surprise!) "The Common Object File Format".  Maybe they've
>misplaced it since then.  If so, it's *definitely* time for a shakeup....
>	Guy Harris
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>	guy at (or guy at

The COFF documentation is found in AT&T UNIX System V
Programmer's Guide (release 3), chapter 11.

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